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  • Blueberry Chocolate

    A delectable little bar that epitomises all that is good in the Waikato. Lovingly handcrafted in sunny Raglan. Bean-to-Bar chocolate made with Fairtrade Solomon Islands Cacao, Organic Waikato milk and Freeze-dried Waikato Blueberries. Too good to stop at one!
  • Blueberry Jam

    Our Blueberry Jam is handmade in the Waikato in small batches. It is packed full of nutritious blueberries and is perfect on pikelets and fresh grainy bread. Yum! Try a spoonful in your porridge or a dollop in natural yoghurt at breakfast time.  
  • Blueberry & Strawberry Jam

    The perfect blend of my two favourite summer berries in this delightful jam. Delicious on toast for breakfast or scones; hot, buttered & straight from the oven. Mouthwatering with pancakes!  
  • Blueberry Chutney

    Our famous winning combination of sweet blueberries and warm spices. A rich, flavoursome chutney perfect with cheese and roasted meats. Try some in your next sandwich. Great for gifts!
  • Blueberry Balsamic Drizzle

    A tangy sweet & savoury drizzle. Perfect as a Salad Dressing, Marinade or Dipping Sauce. Stir through roasted veges, or toss through your salad greens. Make a quick & easy tasty dip by mixing with cream cheese.  
  • Sweet Blueberry Sauce

    A little something special to add to your summertime desserts. Indulgent & luscious. Stir through your Christmas Trifle, or pour on top of your Pavlova. Whip with cream to serve with your Chocolate Brownie. The possibilities of Sweet Blueberry Sauce are endless.
  • Blueberry Juice

    Pressed perfectly ripe Waikato Blueberries. 100% Pure Blueberry Juice. No added sugar - just blueberries. A super premium juice which is a healthy source of antioxidants. Delicious as is or add to your smoothies.  
  • Blueberry & Apple Juice

    Scrumptious blueberries paired with crisp Hawkes Bay Gala Apples. A match made in heaven.  
  • Blueberry & Lemon Juice

    Sweet yummy blueberries with a squeeze of lemon. Delicious, zingy and refreshing. A cheeky addition to your favourite cocktail.